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Emotion Coaching

Anxiety Treatment 

I believe that the number one best thing that a parent can do for their anxious child is to learn how to best support their child's anxiety by learning strategies and tools to help their child cope.


I spent the majority of my career specializing in anxiety. Anxiety counselling for children and teenagers can help them develop coping strategies, emotional regulation techniques and cognitive-behavioural tools to reduce symptoms of anxiety. However, I believe that what the parent does and how they react to that anxiety makes the biggest difference. For this reason, I also recommend that parents who have a child with anxiety try counselling for parenting support before putting their child in counselling.


In a session focused on your child's anxiety, you will learn best practices to support your child including strategies that help and strategies you may want to avoid. I have training in specific areas of anxiety, such as:

  • social anxiety

  • phobias

  • separation anxiety 

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder and tics 

  • sleep anxiety and nightmares 

  • generalized anxiety 

  • panic disorder 

  • selective mutism 

  • trichotillomania


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