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Available upcoming workshops: 

Supporting your Anxious Child: Why Anxiety Exists, Why It's Normal, And What You Can Do 

Since 2007, anxiety in children and teens has been steadily rising, and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased anxiety in many youth. In this 6-week online therapeutic course, you will learn: 

  • how to recognize childhood anxiety and its different forms 

  • anxiety and its correlation to attachment

  • how to talk to your children about their anxiety 

  • emotion coaching and why it helps

  • supporting friendships in a child with anxiety 

  • how social media and technology use affect anxiety 

  • parental anxiety and how it can impact your children

  • at-home strategies, resources and tools to lessen anxiety in your household 

Each session will be highly interactive with many opportunities to ask questions, practice new skills and complete exercises. Groups are kept small in order to provide a safe space to share your personal experiences and hear how other parents and caregivers navigate anxiety in their homes. This course will be facilitated by Registered Clinical Counsellor Rebecca Olds. 

To register, or inquire, please email

maximum of 6 participants per session
$70/per two-hour session 


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