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Bright Futures works with individual clients for issues outside of parenting and family dynamics. Rebecca's areas of specialization for individuals include anxiety, stress management, boundary-setting, phobias and OCD. Counselling sessions are always trauma-informed and confidential. 

Individual Adult Counselling 

Child and Teen Counselling 


It can be tough for children and teenagers to talk to their parents about some things. Having a safe space to discuss issues that children and teenagers are facing can be key to resolving them and gaining self-compassion and insight. We work in the areas of mental health issues, social issues, family issues and more. 

Parental Counselling


We are living in a new age with more access to information than ever, and parents are finding it difficult to sift through that information to find veritable sources. Parental counselling helps guide a parent's natural intuition and supplements them with skills and techniques to resolve or support mental health or behavioral issues. 

Counselling through life's transitions. 


Sometimes child-parent relationships can become tense or even rupture completely. Family counselling can help identify underlying issues and guide families through them with empathy, support and meditation. Rebecca has experience working with the court system. 

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