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Areas of Focus

Not a parent? Not a problem!

I see individual clients for issues outside of parenting and family dynamics. My areas of specialization for individuals include anxiety, stress management, boundary-setting, phobias and OCD. 

I have had the honour of supporting numerous individuals in various community, EAP (employee assistance programs), and clinical settings. My background includes group facilitation and design of child anxiety workshops at The Children's Foundation. Through my EAP background with Family Services EAP, I have also conducted workshops for major organizations and school districts across the lower mainland on topics including compassion fatigue, stress and anxiety management and mental health in the workplace for managers.


  • anxiety 

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

  • pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum issues

  • learning disabilities 

  • workplace conflict

  • relationship issues

  • boundaries and communication 

  • relationships with food 

  • self-esteem 

  • depression

  • career guidance 

  • self-harming 

  • internet addiction 

  • sleep issues

  • cognitive processing

  • adaptive behaviour

  • auditory processing

  • personality assessments



I can administer a variety of assessments, including: 

  • trauma inventories

  • depression and anxiety assessments

  • quality of life assessments

  • parental stress inventories


Please note these do not qualify as clinical diagnoses. They are a tool that can give both client and therapist valuable insight, provide a first step towards a diagnosis, or normalize a client's experiences. 

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