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Sleep consultations are helpful for parents struggling with their baby's or child's sleep patterns. 

A sleep consultation consists of:

1. Initial Consultation and Intake

We will go over:

  • your child's current sleep schedule

  • the sleep schedule of the parent(s) or primary caregiver 

  • any behaviours indicative of anxiety in your child 

  • the emotions attached to your child's sleep (i.e. the difficulty in letting your child 'cry it out') 

  • what you have tried already, what has worked and what hasn't 

2. Personalized Report 

The report will consist of: 

  • my recommended sleep schedule for parent and child 

  • coping strategies for the parent(s) to manage the stress of their child's sleep patterns

  • strategies to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep

  • strategies to reduce anxiety in your child attached to sleeping and separation

3. Follow-Up Sessions (optional) 

Follow-up sessions can be used to:

  • discuss which tools have worked and which haven't

  • learn more about sleep and its effect on child development 

  • talk more about the parent's anxiety about their child's sleep 

Sleep Consultations


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